We share one passion which drives everything we do

Like the waves in the ocean, piling and piling, together we create a better world. Shaping dreams into reality since the beginning. Together is the key. We live, breathe, and move along the same path. We are one team, one spirit. We share the same passion and trek the same journey. We are one. We are AZTRON.

AZTRON is only as strong as the people standing next to us. From our talented designers and engineers setting the ground for AZTRON’s products. To our passionate team riders and country partners leading the company spirit. We work as one team to bring the best watersport experience for all Aztronauts to grow with us.

Authentic, Innovative, Trustworthy. AZTRON continues to pioneer the spirit of riding intelligently by putting people first. To improve and redefine the standard of excellence. Push forward the unlimited possibilities of the gears. With innovation around every corner and our signature Double Chamber Technology. We have set the foundation for watersports safety at the AZTRON’s DNA.

Ride Intelligently!

We journey through with an unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of exploration. True explorers of the unknown, we are always embracing new challenges. Our epic journey from water to land to air doesn’t just stop there. A new season brings our paths close again as we journey further and together.

It’s the one thing all Aztronauts share. The passion to explore the boundaries of nature. The search for that immersive bliss that only nature can offer. We embrace the challenges we face. The same urge to hop right back on the board after getting wiped out. It’s that innate drive that gives us the courage to reach beyond the stars.




AZTRON – This bold and futuristic brand name relates to the alteration of prefix “Astro”, referring to the solar world and galaxy.

Authenticity, Innovation, and Integrity are traits that continue to hold the weight of the AZTRON spirit. As we continue on through our fascination of outer space and the vastness of the universe, we constantly remind ourselves to never stop exploring our surroundings and push the limits of exploration to reach the stars.